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Technical and assembly page

Technical and assembly

As we saw earlier, we can access the database from the "Fishing conditions" page, but also from the "Technical and assembly" page which offers a second way to access the content of the database of the app.

The "Technical and assembly" page contains all the assembly and fishing techniques for the selected species. For example, the heading "Sliding float assembly" will contain all assembly in which there is a float for fishing while the heading "Scanning cast fishing assembly" will refer to all the techniques used to search or prospect a fishing site when you are in a stationary boat.

At the top of the "Technical and Assembly" page of the app, there is a figure that explains how you can use the elements of the code of a assembly to do a search. For example for editing that is used with a downrigger, M3TD-ABMET

If we learn how the code works and its meaning, we can perform a quick and efficient search to find what we are looking for among all the assembly represented on the page, we can search for example;

Assembly for a fishing period, in cold water from 32 to 52 ° f, or those in temperate water in spring between 53 and 63 ° f, or assemblies for fishing in summer hot water at over 64 ° f.

  • Fishing assembly that are used in a stationary boat or those used in a moving boat.
  • For what level of fish activity this assembly is the most effective.
  • And if the assembly is designed for clear water or turbid or tinted water.

We find the following figure at the top of the page "Technical and assembly", it explains how the code of a assembly works. Take the time to learn how the codes work, it is a very effective tool to search decoys and fishing techniques for all kinds of situations you may encounter during your fishing trips, especially if you prefer to choose even lures and techniques to practice your fishing. Most of the time, more experienced fishermen prefer to make this choice because they use this research method to obtain a basic reference and to confirm their fishing ideas and strategies.









Starting from the left.

The app database divides the fishing season into three periods that are determined by surface temperature.

M1 = 32 to 52 °f (Period when fishing opens in cold water)
M2 = 53 to 63 °f (Spring time in temperate water)
M3 = 64 °f and + (Summer period in warmer water)

The two other letters placed before the hyphen are the abbreviation of the assembly, do not worry about it, they are used for the internal management of the database of the app.

The right side contains three important informations.

The first letter will always be an A or a M. A for a stationary fishing in a boat that does not move and M for a fishing in motion that will almost always be trolling techniques while the boat is moving on the fishing structure.

The letters following BME are the abbreviations for the level of activity of the fish. These activity levels were determined based on the fishing conditions selected on the "Fishing Conditions" page. They do not apply here, as this activity level may not match your fishing situation when you select a technique randomly. The code can contain a single letter, two or three letters at the same time.

Note: The level of activity determines the predisposition of the fish to take the lure.
B = Level of activity is low.
M = Level of activity at an average level.
E = Level of activity is high.

Finally the last letter C or T are the abbreviations for clear water or turbid or tinted water. Note that in some cases, these letters may be missing and in other cases we can also find them together for the same assembly, we then write CT which means that the assembly informs us for both clear water and water turbid.

We mainly use the "Technical and assembly" page for the following reasons.

  •     Make a personal choice of a lure set and / or a fishing technique.
  •     To get to know all the techniques and montages of lures for a species.
  •     It is also used as a reference figure for shopping in fishing shops.
  •     Or to prepare some parts of a assembly, for example leaders for the assembly, etc.

Note that you can see the fishing structures for each period from the "Fishing Conditions" page. For example to see the fishing structures for the first period, just enter any selection that ends in the temperature of 32 to52 °f. It is the same for the second and third period.

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