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Fishing tackle

Rigs and tackle

The inventory is accessed from the "Inventory" bar on the application home page.

You can make a list of missing accessories to make a decoy assembly simply by checking the small box to the left of an item in the list that appears at the top of the image of a assembly.

When you check a missing item, all identical items that appear in the app are checked automatically. For example, if you check item number - 1. Line, braided superline 10 lb.. - in the M1FC-ABME assembly for brook trout, the same item will be automatically checked in the M1J-ABMCT assembly for walleye. In this way, you will not have to check twice the same item when you make an inventory. If you are fishing more than one species, you will not have to check the missing items that you have checked for another species.

All item will be checked or unchecked at the same time throughout the application.

You can do two types of inventory.

  1. Annual inventory: This inventory is ideally done before the beginning of the fishing season, between January and April for example, it is done from the inventory page for the selected species. In this page you will find all the assembly of the species classified by period, you can make an inventory for the whole fishing season or only for a period or even for some assembly according to your fishing habits. This is the perfect time to clean the fishing box to make sure you have all you need for fishing afterwards. When you do an annual inventory, you always start with the species that you fish the most and most often, then you take the inventory for the other species afterwards.
  2. One-time inventory: This inventory is done during the fishing season. For example, by making a assembly you realize that you have almost no baitholder hook # 2 in your tackle box, just check the item in the list above the assembly picture and get it at the first opportunity when you go near a store that sells fishing tackle.

The "View Inventory" button displays the inventory of all items checked for all species of the app. The inventory list is used in two ways.

It can be used as a memory aid for shopping at a fishing tackle store. Items are unmarked as they are found in the displays. You can also use the inventory list to shop at an online store. In this case, we will wait until the order is delivered to uncheck each item by checking the order.

When you're done shopping at a store or checking an order, you can clean up the inventory to keep only the checked items and clear the others that were unchecked. This provides a better overview of the missing items that remain.

You can also delete an entire inventory, this action erases all the inventory of the application to reset it. You can also use this function to practice using the inventory.

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