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Planning a fishing trip

You can use the Harpon application to prepare a fishing trip by locating fishing structures and preparing your equipment and lures in advance.

Locating structures

Locating fishing structures is an important step, as it will greatly increase your chances of catching fish.

You must first try to predict what the fishing conditions will be on the day you plan to go fishing. You will need to gather information on the following elements:

• The degree of sunshine
• The water tint
• The wind force
• The wind direction
• The surface temperature

Most of this data can be obtained on weather information sites, with the possible exception of surface water temperature and tint. In terms of water tinting, most bodies of water north of the St. Lawrence River have a tea tint. As for the surface water temperature, you can estimate it according to how far you are in the fishing season. During the first three weeks after the melting of the ice, the temperature is still below 52 °F while it usually exceeds 63 °F from July to the end of September.

Obviously, you will have to validate all these data once you have reached the fishing site. However, you can still get a good idea of the fishing conditions.

Once you have information on the 5 elements in hand, open the Harpon application and select the conditions expected during your fishing trip.

Look carefully at the structure maps to get a good idea of the fishing sites you will need to look for.

From there, use the following websites to identify fishing structures similar to those shown on the application maps.


Site of topographic maps of Canada.

Google maps


Some bathymetric maps can also be purchased in hunting and fishing shops.

Prepare your fishing gear

A different fishing technique must be applied to each structure. In fact, it’s the way to render prospecting the most effective possible.

Take time to study techniques and assembly to prepare all the equipment you will need in order to properly prospect each fishing structure. Will you need to use a sonar, a downrigger and an anchor? By preparing your equipment in advance, you will be able to use all the fishing options the application offers, and put the odds on your side.

Use the "Inventory" function to help you prepare your fishing equipment.

Know your lure assemblies

Use the Technical and assembly page on your cell phone to study decoy mounts and related techniques.

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