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Fishing conditions

Fishing conditions

The Harpon application provides three essential data on the practice of sport fishing.

1. It guides you to a fishing structure with good potential.
2. It helps you choose a lure suitable to that fishing structure.
3. It offers a technique to correctly present the lure in that structure.

These three elements form the basis of good fishing practices. You must try to find the fish and present a lure in order to make it bite.

Experienced anglers are successful because they learned to observe their environment. All terrestrial and aquatic animals naturally adapt to the climatic and physical conditions in which they live, and the Harpon application takes into account 5 of the elements that determine fish behavior.




Many other factors may affect fish behavior such as predation and breeding season, lake grass multiplication due to excessive agricultural application of phosphorus, accidental introduction of invasive species and loss of native genetics following the implementation of a seeding program.

We have selected 5 elements to keep in mind as a sport fisherman to help adapt your fishing practice quite easily. Modern technical methods allow for the use of different types of lures and offer several ways of reaching a very precise area of the water column or to see underwater with a sonar.

These five elements govern fish behavior and hundreds of ways to interact with them both technically and strategically. As a matter of fact, it’s for this reason only that all sport fishing products found on the market have been developed to adapt to changing fish behavior.

This application works in real time and at any time of day when you notice a significant change in one or more of the five elements. Make a new selection and be sure to check if these changes will result in changing the fishing and assembly technique. The application has been developed so that you always have a fishing strategy that adapts to fish behavior, so take advantage of that feature.

In order to select each element according to the programmed features of the application, it’s important to take time to fully understand the meaning Télépêche gives to each of these elements.

Note that the selection of fishing conditions is not required for some species such as striped bass, mackerel, etc. For these species, the only factor to consider is tide time. For this reason, when you select one of these species, the "Fishing Conditions" button on the home page become "Show structures".

The same definition as the one below is available on your application. Simply click on the icon that is not framed, on the left.








Try to enter the conditions as precisely as possible, and use a domestic aquarium thermometer for surface temperature. Water temperature is also available on some sonars. Under certain conditions, only a few degrees difference in water temperature can make all the difference. Use a compass, which can be electronic, and install it on your cellphone by downloading it on Google Play.

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