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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Does the application work outside the Internet?
Yes, the application works as a software, everywhere and at any time even without internet access.

Q2) Do you intend to customize the application?
We are currently studying the possibility of adding a text space under each history, but we need to check the memory space that it could use and several other parameters before making a decision.

Q3) How can I be certain that I have all the equipment I need to carry out all of the lure assemblies contained in the application when I need them during the fishing season ?
Check the equipment tab from the menu in how the application works. We are currently working on integrating an inventory management system for fishing accessories that could possibly be linked to an online store dedicated to the application.

Q4) Why do the maps of the fishing structures do not show the actual location at the time of fishing?
The case has been studied and it seems impossible to present a map or a real picture of all the bodies of water in North America and of all the potential structures of all these bodies of water at each moment of the day and of the fishing season, it represents several million possibilities. So we opted for modeling structures with model maps that have structures that are ultimately the same on all bodies of water. A river mouth is a river mouth whether it is represented on a drawing or on a photograph or topographic map.

Q5) Is it really important to consider surface water temperature?
Absolutely and even essential. This is the most neglected aspect of anglers who are successful at the beginning of the season but who do not take fish later. Water temperature is the key determinant of fish habitat, therefore structures in or at which it can be found at different times of the fishing season.

Q6) What is the best way to use the application?

  • Be very specific in the selection of fishing conditions and adjust them as soon as the conditions change.
  • Make your lure mounts with care, following the indications, the strength of the wires, the colors, the dimensions and the weight of the lures, etc. It is the small details that make the difference.
  • Apply each fishing technique with attention and rigor and observe everything that happens around you, piscivorous birds, presence of fry on the surface, changes in brightness, wind etc.

Q7) Can the application help me learn how to fish and become more self-sufficient?
Yes and it was conceived in this sense. In the beginning use the application to help you practice fishing, identify structures, make good lure assembly and apply good techniques while trying to remember what you have done depending on the fishing conditions Was there at that time. Then, when you are more comfortable with the basic principles of fishing (conditions, structures, assembly and techniques), try to predict what you should do without using the application right away. Structure, lures assembly and technique should you use and then enter the fishing conditions data to validate your predictions. In this way you will develop good fishing practices according to the actual conditions that condition the behavior of the fish.

Q8) Why does the application do not record the GPS position at certain times?
Logging is done when fishing conditions are selected and the cell phone must be configured to receive satellite signals for GPS and the user must also be in a location where these signals can be received by the cell.

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