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Fishing structures

Look for the fishing structures proposed in the application, this is where the fish is.

  •      Detailed and easy to understand figures
  •      Graphical representation of the position of fish in the water column
  •      Fishing site identified by a grid area
  •      Bathymetric representation of the water body
  •      Range of distances and depths
  •      Visualization of shore material

Selecting the fishing conditions you do yourself at the time of the fishing is extracted to the Harpon application database for accurate information.

Fishing lures

Make lure rigs perfectly adapted to the fishing condition, the brightness, the color of the water, the presence of waves, the temperature of the surface water, etc.

  •      Lure type, wobbling, spinning, odorous, etc.
  •      Size
  •      Weight
  •      Color
  •      Type, strength and length of the leader
  •      Type of hook

From the list of assembly items you can make an inventory of each item to ensure you always have accessories for all fishing conditions.

Fishing technique

The presentation of lure in the water column must take into account several factors, including fishing conditions, but also the species that is fished, its predation mode and its diet, etc.
  •      Depth of structure
  •      Distance from the shore
  •      Type of travel
  •      Depth of the lure
  •      Line length with water
  •      Movement speed
The fishing technique is described in detail, it includes icons to quickly locate essential data. For each fishing condition you will get a decoy montage and a technique perfectly adapted to the fishing structure and the species you are fishing.

Several anglers that I accompanied as a fishing guide told me about the difficulty they had in finding the fish on the body of water and that they had the same difficulties in choosing a lure at the panoply of items now found in fishing shops.

As a solution to these difficulties encountered by anglers I developed the Harpon application. It is a database that focuses on the practical and technical aspects of fishing. The application provides the right information based on the fishing conditions prevailing at the time of the fishing.

The Harpon app will help you succeed in fishing by using a wide variety of lures and fishing techniques without being a professional in this field.

I wish you a lot of fun using the Harpon app.
Happy fishing !

Enter "telepeche harpon" to download the app from the Play Store or the App Store.
Free trial period on some platforms.

Keep your bank of monthly bytes intact, the application works everywhere without internet connection.

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